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Worried About Fraudulent Drivers? Get Fuel Manager Today

Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Worried About Fraudulent Drivers? Get Fuel Manager Today
It is another season of Fuel Scarcity so you tell the driver to leave, deciding to go home on your own later at night when the traffic has abated so as to conserve fuel.  Two streets to your house the vehicle suddenly stops; you take a look at the engine as the issue of fuel is the last thing on your mind having given your driver money to fill up the tank just two days ago.

Nothing is wrong with the engine, so to fulfill all righteousness you decide to check the fuel gauge and shockingly it is empty. You have to tip the night watchmen to help you push your car into a filling station and watch over it. Imagine how you would have seamlessly avoided this situation if you had the opportunity to monitor the exact amount of fuel that goes in and out of your car? This is one of the benefits of owning Concept Nova’s Fuel Management solution, FuelControl System.

FUEL MANAGER is an integrated remote monitoring solution that allows you detect the exact rate of fuel usage in Cars, Buses, Vans, Trucks, Construction machines, Air and sea vehicles, its usage also extends to mobile and stationary tanks like Farms tanks and Diesel generators tanks. It is a User-Friendly monitoring platform that gives the fleet manager and generator owner detailed Real –time analysis of fuel usage, fuel storage and any excessive drop in fuel level just at the touch of a button, accessible from any internet-enabled device.

The solution saves you and your company money and protects you against theft; it increases fuel optimization and overall productivity and also improves fuel efficiency while reducing operational and maintenance costs.

For more information on the FUEL MANAGER, please visit or call 07026333742, 07046180256.

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Source: Tech Cabal