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Protect Your Beloved Car, Get The Ti-kon Advantage

Thursday, February 18, 2016
It is no longer news that cars are more than just a means of transportation to most, in fact it is not surprising to see them washing and waxing these cars every day in a bid to keep them looking as new as the very day they were bought. Some even go as far as giving their cars pet names.

The surprising thing however is that in as much as people take care of the interior and exterior of their vehicles, only a few take actions to effectively protect their beloved cars from cases of theft and robbery. There are only a few things as devastating as losing your beloved vehicle to hoodlums when there are steps that could have been taken to avoid such happenings.

One of the best ways to secure your car is by investing in a vehicle tracker. This ensures you are in total control of your car’s whereabouts; reducing the chances of car theft to the barest minimum and also giving you a better chance of recovery in any event of car robbery.

Concept Nova’s basic Tracking Solution, Ti-kon, is a monitoring device that gives you timely information on the state and location of your vehicle from anywhere. Using GPS and GSM Technology, Ti-Kon helps you to monitor the activities of your vehicle especially when in the use of a third party. All you need to do this is any internet enabled device such as Smartphones, Tablets etc.

Ti-Kon helps to save cost and improve on productivity, reduce careless handling, optimize routes while securing yourself and family members against theft and unforeseeable occurrence.  It also allows you to know about misuse, giving you better control over your asset. It is arguably the best vehicle tracker in Nigeria.

The best protection you can give your car is Ti-Kon, Get one today! 

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