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Diesel Tracker To Help Businesses Recoup Losses

Wednesday, September 26, 2018
Diesel Tracker To Help Businesses Recoup Losses

Among  the major challenges of any manufacturer is keeping costs to the barest minimum and especially  ranging from cost of diesel and unnecessary expenses through sharp practices. IT solution and software development company, Concept Nova, says its IT solutions can help eliminate such losses. Speaking in Lagos during  the launching  of some its products and introduction of innovations to their existing products recently.

General Manager, Concept Nova Limited,  Itiekhao Ikpeminogena said Nigerian economy is suffering today because the manufacturing sector is not really doing well due to inefficiency. He said their Fleetrak FMA, Delivery Management System, FuelControl System and others if deployed, could augment  profit margin  because the solutions are wired to curb losses using technology and added  that about 40 percent of such  losses  can be recouped through using Concept Nova’s solutions. “If you check very well, what is driving the world today is technology. Days of manual practices are gone.

Through technology, you can monitor activities. As an indigenous company, our focus is  our immediate environment, to increase productivity for companies and  institutions  through IT solutions. For instance, diesel consumption constitutes about 30 percent of almost every organization’s costs. If you can reduce that by 50 percent through control, there is tendency that the organization will make more profit.Our Flee Tack FMA is for managing fleet and drivers’ behaviours.  Our FuelControl System would help businesses manage how their diesel is utilized”. In his presentation, Lead Partner, Concept Nova,  Frances Ossai, said the company’s FuelControl System provides monitoring information in such a way that if there is a sharp drop whether by human interference or leakage, it can be traced.

Source: Vanguard Newspaper