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Concept Nova Unveils Solution To Boost Fleet Management In Nigeria

Saturday, April 14, 2018
Concept Nova Unveils Solution To Boost Fleet Management In Nigeria
Nigeria’s most innovative information technology company, Concept Nova has launched a new solution that will boost fleet management in Nigeria.

The innovative solution known as the FleeTrak Fleet Management Application, can optimally and efficiently manage 5 - 5000 fleets of vehicles. It provides total transparency of fleet, providing visibility into maintenance, vendor management, documentation, and fuel consumption as well as the lifespan efficiency of vehicle parts, alongside, other significant fleet management features.

Speaking on the FleeTrak FMA, the Managing Director of Concept Nova, Chukwuma Ochonogor said: “The successful Management of fleet has been a task that has resulted to loss of revenue for most organisations, as this has been characterised with insincerity, theft, and mismanagement. The FleeTrak FMA has been designed to resolve all these issues and help organisations reduce cost while getting the optimum use of their fleet.”
He added: “FleeTrak FMA has unique industry-winning features that set a standard for fleet management solutions. It is intuitively packed with modules that put you miles ahead of your competition. It was created not only to account for expenditure on fleet but also reduce the cost of managing your fleet”. Concept Nova’s FleeTrak FMA has been modelled to meet all your fleet’s needs and effectively enhance its performance.”

According to Ochonogor, the introduction of FleeTrak FMA in Nigeria became imperative after research showed that 95% of fleet managers acknowledged that a fleet management application would increase functionality, productivity and smart decision making about their fleet. “Lack of proper and easily accessible records can deter good decision making, efficiency, and increased profit. Fleet management has become a necessary and unavoidable expenditure for organisations, yet skyrocketing expenditures on fleet do not assure fleet longevity,” he said.

For over two decades, Concept Nova has remained at the forefront of fleet management technology in Nigeria, providing innovative solution for B2B and B2C companies.
Some of its solutions that has pioneered in Nigeria include the fuel monitoring solution and tracker solutions. FleeTrak FMA is designed to be user friendly to address most fleet management challenges.

Source: Vanguard Newspaper