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Concept Nova Unveils Comprehensive IT Solution For Fleet Managers

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Nigeria’s indigenous information technology company, Concept Nova, last week unveiled a comprehensive technology-driven fleet management solution.

The solutions include a Vehicle Tracking System, Delivery Management System, Fuel Control System and FleeTrak Fleet Management Application (FMA).


The solutions are all high-tech powered and geared towards giving fleet managers’ total control of their assets to achieve optimum utilisation.

Speaking on the Vehicle Tracking System, Concept Group’s Lead Brokers Analyst, Martina Amos, explained that the vehicle tracking solution, called Tikon helps fleet managers track locations and status of their vehicles and drivers in real time.

The FleeTrak Fleet Management Application, on the other hand, has been completely revamped. Fleet managers can now use the web-based application to provide seamless management of up to 5000 units of a fleet, including cars, trucks and boats.

Another bespoke solution launched on Thursday is the FuelControl System which helps fleet managers reclaim control of fuel consumption by their fleet. The solution deals a decisive blow to fuel pilfering, both in mobile and stationary tanks.

The Delivery Management Solution caters to supply chain managers who hitherto had to contend with incomplete inventory during shipment. The Delivery Management System helps keep track of goods delivery from where an order originates to the destination.

Some of the fleet managers who were at the launch commended the Concept Nova for the innovative solutions. They stated that it will go a long way to reduce their operational costs while simplifying their fleet management processes.

“I think they have done a great job with these solutions. Their solutions come highly recommended and from what I have seen here, I am not disappointed. All the solutions are quite useful for any fleet manager.

“The one that intrigued me most is the audio feature in the vehicle tracking system. The fact that one can listen in to the audio conversation of the passengers in the vehicle being tracked means it will be difficult to perpetrate theft and get away with it,” said a fleet operator from Sterling Trust Limited, Paul Erhima.

Speaking on what inspired such a comprehensive solution for fleet managers, General Manager of Concept Nova, Mr. Itiekhao Ikpeminogena said the solution was driven by the need to build a local solution that addresses the challenges of high operational cost for fleet management while helping them improve efficiency and productivity.

“Through our solution, you can reduce the cost of diesel alone by 50 per cent. This means that if diesel consumption costs the company about 30 million naira per annum, we are then talking of saving up to 15 million naira. That is huge”, Ikpeminogena said.

Source: This Day Newspaper