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Concept Nova And Rosabon Financial Services Engage In Blood Drive

Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Concept Nova And Rosabon Financial Services Engage In Blood Drive
June 14, 2016, the staff of Concept Nova and Rosabon Financial Services participated for the first time in the The World Blood Donor Day. The day’s event was adopted by the management and staff of Rosabon Financial Services and Concept Nova as an annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) exercise. This year is no exception.

The theme of this year was “Blood Donation as an Action of Solidarity” with the slogan “Be there for someone else. Give blood. Share life” as announced by WHO. The staff of both companies made a solidarity move with their capes on as the Super-Love Giver that they are. They converged at the General Hospital, Lagos Island to give their quota to humanity while being responsible enough to fulfill their social responsibility and being their brother’s keeper.

The event which was held in collaboration with the Lagos State Blood Transfusion Committee of the State’s Ministry of Health, who provided the necessary medical equipment to screen volunteers and ensure they were medically fit in accordance to blood donation standard. Once, volunteers are checked and certified okay, they then proceed to the blood donation room.

Volunteers who are found to be unfit due to one reason or the other are counselled on how to live a healthy lifestyle and supplements to take in order to increase their blood levels.


The event also had in attendance two of our media partners, leading Nigerian Newspaper, The Guardian and popular online news media outlet, Bounce News NG.

It was a very exciting and fulfilling exercise as over 30 staff members out of 50 volunteers were able to donate their bloods with smiles on their faces. We look forward to the next World Blood Donor Day in year 2019.

Never forget that "you don't have to wear a cape to become a hero, you can 'Be a hero, donate blood'. The life you save may be yours."

Source: The Guardian Newspaper