Police Recover Stolen Vehicle With The Help Of Concept Nova’s Tracking Solution

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At Concept Nova, We produce innovation that works. Our tracking solutions, fuel monitoring solutions and anti-shatter solutions have the satisfied customer testimonials to show for it. 

On Friday, 14th July, one of our tracking solutions was instrumental in helping the Oyo State Police Command recover a vehicle. The vehicle which was snatched at gunpoint in Lagos from an Uber driver was recovered in less than 48 hours due to our real time vehicle monitoring solution – Ti-Kon 2.o.

The criminals have been brought to book and the car has since been returned to its rightful owner.

The recovered vehicle at the Oyo State Police Command
The recovered vehicle at the Oyo State Police Command.

Speaking of tnis recovery, the owner of the vehicle who chose to remain anonymous said; “I am extremely pleased to have my vehicle back. All through the process, I was sure that it would be recovered. I am also satisfied with the way Concept Nova’s recovery team took up the matter when I reached out to them; they were prompt and professional about it, getting back my vehicle in no time.”

One of the apprehended criminals in front of the recovered vehicle.
One of the apprehended criminals in front of the recovered vehicle.

If you are interested in security and real time monitoring for your vehicles and other assets, Concept Nova has an array of tracking solutions with top notch technology that gets the job done promptly and efficiently.

All our comprehensive solutions give value for money, and when you purchase any of our tracking solutions, you don’t just get a device, you get a whole experience. Even though you will have complete access to your vehicle’s location and other tracking information on our Novatrak 2.0 app, our recovery agents are always on hand to help with whatever issues you may have.

Don’t wait for your car to be snatched before you realize the need for a vehicle tracking solution.

Our tracking solutions are cost effective; they are a form of insurance that cost only a fraction of what it would cost to replace a stolen vehicle.

Watch Concept Nova’s representative speak on the incident and more here:

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