Track Your Cargo Trucks With Concept Nova’s Latest Offering

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If you run a cargo or logistics business which involves the use of trailers, trucks, tankers or other rugged vehicles which have to travel from state to state, you probably wish you could know exactly where your trucks full of cargo are at every point in their journey.

You can have this information at your fingertips with Concept Nova’s new waterproof tracker, the FMA202 Teltonika. This tracker is built especially for travel and ragged conditions. Its waterproof casing also makes it impervious to not only water damage from rain and flood, but also damage from the elements.

The Teltonika tracker will be your eyes and ears on the road so you never lose sight of your vehicles through all the states they have to travel.

You will be aware of exactly how your drivers behave on the road as well; if they are rough drivers, brake harshly, make unapproved stops for long periods of time, you will be alerted to all this and more on your internet connected device.

It’s (IP67) waterproof casing ensures that the tracker will never go offline because of the elements. It serves as a protectant against water, wind, dust and sand.

The teltonika is also an upgrade on our other trackers battery-wise: A high capacity internal NiMH battery takes into account the fact that your trailers will be on the road for hours on end and so ensures long autonomous working hours and sends you tracking data and warnings when the main power source is disconnected.

Use of this tracker is not limited to owners of vehicles that are used in extreme conditions like trucks or trailers. If you run a business that requires fleet management, or just do not want the rainy season to impede the use of your tracker in your personal vehicle, this tracker is your best bet. It is extremely hardy and will not go offline at any point because of water damage.

For more information about this tracker, call 08150880054 or send us an email at info@concept-nova.com.

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