Special Deals For Returning Subscribers

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If you have a dormant Concept Nova tracker installed in your vehicle, there are great deals available for you if you decide to re-up your subscription.

Concept Nova is committed to giving you innovative solutions which save you money and are kind on the pocket. As such, we have made payment more convenient for you; you can now pay in six-month instalments rather than paying for a full year’s subscription at once.

We are also offering a free 13th-month subscription for all clients who subscribe for 12 months at once.

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These great deals are in addition to the other benefits you receive from having an active Concept Nova tracker installed in your vehicle.

We can also provide subscription packages for clients whose vehicle trackers were not originally installed by Concept Nova, as well as health checks to determine the state of the tracker.

It’s quite simple to get your vehicle fitted with an active Concept Nova tracker and start enjoying all the associated benefits. The steps are highlighted in the infographic below.

nova infographics

Call 08150880054 or send an email to info@concept-nova.com for enquiries and purchase.



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