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Christmas is fast approaching and it is a time to run various errands and visit many places with friends and family. Incidentally, it is also the time when hoodlums come out in their large numbers to rob innocent citizens, especially vehicle owners of their prized possessions.

Don’t be a target for hoodlums this festive season! Put on your reading glasses – if you need any, as you read through these few but relevant tips on how you can improve your car security today.

These mind-blowing tips keep a step ahead of mischievous car hijackers today.

Fit a car alarm: What better way to chase the thieves away than an alarm that alerts the whole neighborhood when an attempt to break into your car is made. With the right price you can get alarms that detect when your window is being broken or your car bonnet is being manhandled. With the innovation in technology today, you are presented with a vast range of options for securing your vehicle, which leads to tip no. 2.


Install a Car tracker: Car trackers can either be in form of the common GPS or VHF. According to, GPS systems can find your car whilst it’s at street level, and VHF systems can find your car even if it’s hidden in an underground car park or storage container. With the Tikon Tracker 2.0, you can get a better offer with timely information on the state and location of your vehicle directly on your mobile devices from anywhere. It is advisable you purchase and install a tracker into your car while adhering to the other tip such as no. 3.

Hide all Valuables: Most times, car thieves who realize how difficult it might be to skedaddle with your car given the presence of the above mentioned would rather take whatever they can lay their hands on. Imagine a scenario where a car thief breaks your window in an attempt to steal your car but is surprised by the trigger of the alarm system, he would most likely grab whatever item he finds and run off with it. Sometimes, these valuables displayed openly in a closed car are what attracts light fingered people, so ensure you hide all your valuables. Getting your windows smashed easily can however be avoided when tip no. 4 is followed.

Protect your Windows: You are probably wondering how this is possible but with C-protect it is. In a nutshell, C-protect is an invisible coat of film installed on car side glasses and vents to prevent the glass from shattering in an event of accidental glass break, theft or vandalism. .So why not get this and end your stress of panicking when your car alarm is triggered. Truth is some people are more careless with the way they handle their car security and this will be proven with tip no. 5.

Don’t forget to lock your car: However impossible this act might seem, it is indeed a common one among car owners. They are either nonchalant or forgetful but either way, they make the job of a car thief easier. So remind yourself the moment you are about to step out of your car – even if you will be away for 30 seconds – to lock your windows and your doors.


Do have a happy holiday as you practice these Concept Nova Security Tips. We wish you a very merry Christmas.

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