Reduce Your Business Costs This Year With Fuel Manager

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Fuel makes up a large part of business expenses in Nigeria, and this can seem like it’s completely unavoidable.

However, with the right planning, techniques and devices at your fingertips, you can reduce the money your business spends on fuel, and get accurate reports on how your fuel is being used to the exact litre.

Concept Nova’s Fuel Manager can be used on both mobile and stationary tanks to give business owners detailed analyses of fuel usage.

The Fuel Manager also gives t=you the added benefits of increased efficiency and speed in your business because once you have a detailed report of how your fuel is being utilized, you will be able to identify and eliminate waste of time, manpower and resources.

Features of The Fuel Manager:

  • User-Friendly monitoring platform
  • Access to detailed reports
  • Sudden fuel level drop notification
  • Monitoring fuel purchase and consumption
  • Real-time reports viewable from internet-enabled devices
  • Generator status report (ON/OFF notifications


  • Protect against theft/pilfering
  • Protect against leakages
  • Protect against fraud
  • Increases fuel optimization and overall productivity
  • Safeguarding of assets
  • Save organization against unforeseeable mishaps and asset malfunctions
  • Improvement in fuel efficiency and reduction in fuel cost.
  • Reduction in operational and maintenance costs

Call +234 8150 8800 54 or Whatsapp 09055608608 for enquiries.

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