Make Extra Money By Becoming A Concept Nova Broker

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Do you have the right contacts? Are you interested in making additional income on the side? The right opportunity is here! You can make some extra money by becoming a Concept Nova Broker


With our Brokerage Program, you can make some extra money by linking us to individuals and organizations who could use our IT Solutions to bridge technology gaps and solve operational issues.


The brokerage program is essentially a way to empower brokers financially by rewarding them for creating a link between us and potential buyers.


Follow These Steps to become a broker and start earning:

The Registration Phase

  • Step 1: Create an account on our Broker’s Portal here.
  • Step 2: Activate your account by clicking the activation link you receive via e-mail after registration.
  • Step 3: Log into your account on the portal to update your information.
  • Step 4: Take the introductory training which comprises of three modules
  • Step 5: Complete your assessment which will be based on the training alone.

Brokers who are successful at the training stage will be contacted to indicate their interest in having a complimentary card/ ID card produced in their name. This will be proof of affiliation which will help them gain better and faster leads.  

Sales materials (fliers and brochures) will also be available for them.

  • Step 6:  You will be able to start confidently advertising our products to your network of friends and associates with the ample information gained from the training,
  • Step 7: Start gaining leads.

Lead Processing Phase:

  • Step 8: When you gain a lead, log into your account on the portal and fill in the product and contact details of your lead, under the Clients tab.
  • Step 9: Lead(s) will be assigned to a salesperson who will follow up to ensure the lead is successfully closed.
  • Step 10: When payment is made, an update will be sent to you, and the brokerage will be paid into the account you’ve provided.

For enquiries and clarifications, send an email to or call 08150880069 or 08150991089

Happy Earning!




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2 thoughts on “Make Extra Money By Becoming A Concept Nova Broker

  1. Hello, I have a strong lead to a company that’s interested in installing fleet tracking devices on at least 200 units of their brand new hgv trucks for tanker haulage as matter of urgency.
    How do I become your broker and earn income on this transaction if successful.
    Pls reply to follow up.

    1. Hi there. We apologize for taking so long to get back to you. Please do call us on any of these numbers: 08150880069 or 08150991089, and you will be attended to immediately.

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