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Look no further, because Concept Nova has got you covered.

Concept Nova, Nigeria’s indigenous IT Solutions provider offers top notch and affordable Vehicle Tracking Solutions for every vehicle, pocket size, and need. Our custom made tracking solutions work for any number of vehicles, whether it’s just 1 or as many as 200.


Do you have one vehicle?

Why not consider our Tikon 2.0 Tracker?

The Tikon 2.0 boasts technology that is perfect for use in personal vehicles. Its major features include:

  • Geo-fence status & alert
  • Current location
  • Panic (SOS) button
  • Listen-in
  • Immobilization
  • Mobile app monitoring access
  • Monitoring access from any web enabled device


  • Saves costs and improves productivity
  • Gives better control of your assets
  • Saves man hours
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Reduces overload and careless handling

Are you looking at a fleet?

If it’s a fleet, whether of 10 vehicles, 200 or more, our Track and Trace is the ideal solution for you. It was specially designed with your enterprise-size fleet in mind.

With this solution, you are sure of effective and accurate vehicle monitoring.

That’s not all, the Track and Trace solution is an ideal way to minimize costs while maximizing profit!

Its features include:

  • Driving History
  • Geo-fence status & alert
  • Maximum speed alert
  • Automatic distance reporting
  • Enable/Disable engine start (and alert)
  • Health checking
  • Status report
  • Fuel cut
  • Trip Report
  • Excessive idling alert
  • Main power disconnection alert
  • Panic / SOS button

Benefits of the Track and Trace Solution are:

  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Reduced overall transportation costs
  • Security against theft
  • Recovery in the unlikely event of theft
  • Reduced maintenance costs


Opt for Concept Nova’s Advanced Track and Trace solution! It has everything the Track and Trace offers, and even more.

This advanced solution has extra features to help organizations get the best out of their assets.

These features include:

  • Battery storage level status
  • Ignition alert
  • Demobilization
  • Speaker and Voice listening
  • Harsh braking alert
  • Lock & unlock doors
  • Tamper-resistance
  • Turn off vehicle lights
  • Visited streets report
  • Excessive idling alert

Advantages of The Advanced Track and Trace:

  • Improved driver behavior
  • Real time monitoring
  • Diagnostics reporting
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Increased productivity

At Concept Nova, you get innovative solutions at extremely pocket-friendly prices. If you have any further enquiries about picking the best vehicle tracking solution for you, call +234 8150 8800 54 or send an email to info@concept-nova.com

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