Keep Track Of Your Assets This Festive Season

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Crime rates rise during the festive season, as do accident rates. This could be attributed to the parties everywhere and the associated free-flowing alcohol.

It is thus very important to protect your loved ones and your assets so you don’t come out of the festive season with sad stories to tell.

If your cars are usually in the care of a driver, or your kids are home for the holidays and will be driving the family cars, you need to take the extra steps to make sure that you are aware of the location of your assets at all times.

A vehicle tracker could help make your movements this festive season considerably safer.

The benefits of having a car tracker installed this festive season include:

  • You can remotely monitor your vehicle’s location from your internet enabled device and thus be aware of where your driver or your kid has taken your car.
  • You could use your tracker to optimize routes and avoid heavy traffic areas.
  • They help to protect your car from getting stolen.
  • In the unlikely event that your car is stolen, it will be found in no time with the help of the tracking device.
  • You can receive alerts on the condition of your car, whether it’s in your care or with a third party.
  • You can program your tracking device to send you certain alerts when your car is in the care of a third party, such as a driver. You can receive alerts when the person drives too fast, brakes too harshly, and if they drive outside a geofence you set.
  • It gives you peace of mind, knowing that your car is secure.

You can purchase and install a tracker in your vehicle with minimal fuss today. Simply call 08150880054 or email

You can also send a WhatsApp message to 09055608608 for enquiries.

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