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Just One More Pinch of Trust

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Continues from Part 1 here

Coming behind her was Jide with the widest smile since Leo’s naming ceremony. They exchanged hugs and I thought I saw Jide’s gaze linger for at least 5 seconds.


I quickly walked up to him with the brightest smile and catwalk, “Hello, Darling! Care for lunch with me?” Jide looked at me in shock and gave me a hug, “Of course! Anything for you.Give me 10 minutes to tidy up”. While he went back into his office, I asked his secretary about the lady in black and red. She narrated that she, Samantha, was the new employee who would work closely with him on company campaigns. Our lunch date was full of thoughts rather than food for me as I started putting pieces together on the late nights and growing distance.


To make matters worse, I started receiving calls and messages from my friends that they saw Jide with a lady at different locations and times. Something told me my marriage was in danger. I knew I had to act fast or sit back and watch my marriage crumble to pieces. I suddenly remembered that I had heard my close friend, Olivia, talking about how she found out that her driver had been using her car as a taxi while she was at work – with a tracker!


I had an idea!


I immediately grabbed my laptop and began my research to find out the best tracker I could buy. Google easily gave me an answer: One of the top IT Solutions company in Nigeria did not only have a car tracker, their Ti-Kon 2.0 could let me listen in on the conversations in the car and locate the car with their mobile app Novatrak 2.0. I knew there and then that I had hit a jackpot. I immediately got in touch with their customer care and ordered one for all our cars at a very affordable price and told my husband it was for our safety.


Few days later, Jide was out late on our proposed date night. My suspicions were blowing through the roof. I picked my phone and logged onto my mobile tracking app and I saw that Jide’s car was parked at Oriental Hotel & Suites. I stared angrily at the screen for almost 5 minutes and soon enough, the vehicle was in motion. With my heart pounding, I searched and dialled Jide’s Ti-Kon. After a few rings, I heard a female voice, “How sure are you that your wife doesn’t know? We can’t afford to ruin this, you know”. Jide responded, “She doesn’t. I have been a pro at keeping quiet lately”. Hurt and angry, I hung up just as the tears started streaming down my face. Jide had broken my heart and I was not going to let him get away with it. I decided more than ever to save my marriage.


The next morning, I woke up to a lonely room and my rage ignited. It was 8:30am Saturday and I knew Jide would be out for Golf while the nanny would have attended to Leo well enough not to get her own piece of my rage. I slowly got up to have my shower and began strategizing on how to confront Jide on my new revelation. By 4:00pm, my best friend, ‘Cheta, called and said “Babe, I want to come pick you up for a dinner. You can’t argue! Just look your best and I will be at your place in an hour”. The call was over before I could even respond. I was not in the mood for fun but I had been sad enough and if I had caught a glimpse of Jide, I might just have put a knife to his throat. So, I made myself ready.


Two hours later, I had left instructions for Leo’s care with the nanny, we circumvented around Lagos traffic and found ourselves at Oriental’s car park. Last night’s memories came back to mind but I had been silent since ‘Cheta had cautioned me not to ask her anymore questions till we got to our destination. Walking arm-in-arm into the grand reception, we walked into one of the halls that was dimly lit. Before I could even speak, all the lights came on and I was surrounded with my family and friends screaming, “Surprise!” which was then followed by Adekunle Gold’s “Orente” from the loud sound system.


Out of nowhere came Jide with a smirk on his face. He walked up to me, planted a kiss on my forehead and said, “This is to thank you for the past 5 years of heaven on earth. You are a wonderful wife and I am the luckiest man to have you. Let’s have fun tonight with the people we care about and later we can go up to the romantic suite I booked us for the weekend”. Then he pulled out a velvet box with the diamond necklace which I gladly let him put on for me.


My best friend who had been giggling throughout finally spoke, “You want to tell me you had no idea Jide and I have been planning a surprise for you? Even until last night when we were putting finishing touches, we thought you might get a clue. Wow! Samantha must be the best event planner in the world or you have really been a busy married woman”. I gave her and everyone staring a wide smile, “Yes”, I told myself, “A very mistrusting one to the best husband in the world”. My Ti-Kon 2.0 did give me a clue to what was happening but I chose the greater evil.


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