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Just One More Pinch of Trust

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Jide and I got married four years ago. “The Perfect Picture Marriage”, our friends called it. My custom-made dress and his bespoke tuxedo made us look like fairytale characters and the bridal party looked exceptional in the coral and white colour combination that was my dream for months. The reception was the grandest ever and pictures of it were everywhere  – top blogs, bridal magazines, and wedding websites.



These were the least of this fairytale journey as our honeymoon was spent in Dubai, Maldives, London, and of course the country of love, Paris. I still remember how he carried me over the threshold into our rose-littered room and the room’s smell of lavender. Jide grabbed me and told me how much he loves me and how he was the happiest man on earth. He said he could not wait for me to bear him beautiful children.



All these were the perfect ignition to kick start our journey into the sweetest first year of our marriage. In a circle of 5 friends, I was the last to get married and contrary to what my married friends told me, Jide was everything I dreamt a husband would be. He was attentive, sensitive, caring and amazing. I would come home to surprise dinners, gifts, body massages; when I say everything, I mean he was everything.



Then, we had Leo. He was our pride and joy! He was the perfect prince charming for our little kingdom. He is the reason why I have the flashing red Ford Edge, courtesy of my dearest husband. But this did not last long. Long days and nights of breastfeeding and diaper changing, together with running my enterprise, followed leaving me with little or no time for Jide. Jide was working long hours at work and came home too late for me to muster strength to care for him.His long hours grew longer and Jide would come home at 12:00am and leave 5:00am, unapologetic and inconsiderate of my feelings. We stopped talking like before, we spent little to no time together, and he was hardly home; even on the weekends.



One beautiful Wednesday, after dropping Leo off at the daycare, checking in on my fashion house and contacting some vendors, I decided to give Jide a surprise visit at work. I drove to his office and parked my car in my special spot secured by the faithful security guard. I quickly checked my makeup with the mirrors admiring every side of my face, resprayed my perfume and put on my heels.



Picking up my bag, I alighted from the car and walked with such poise that reminded every staff of why Jide had picked me to be his wife. I walked past everyone between greetings and compliments and finally got to sit at Jide’s office lounge waiting for his visitor to exit, as he was in a meeting. A few minutes later, his door opened and a slim, tall lady, in a knee-length black bodycon dress and the reddest 4-inch heel I had ever seen walked out.


To be Continued…Here


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