Highlights of the Lagos Motor Fair

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Hi guys, so we were at the recently concluded Lagos Motor Fair which held from 24th – 29th, April 2017 and we had an amazing time. Not only did we make sales, we also met with a lot of individuals and organizations of like minds with whom we have developed mutually beneficial relationships.

Goody bags were given out to individuals on each day that included some concept Nova souvenirs like; water bottles, pens, jotters, wristbands and lots more.

There were a lot of various companies present at the fair, however, Concept Nova stood out tall because of its innovative solutions such as Ti-kon, C-Protect , Speed Limiters and lots more.

Here is a breakdown of each day and its activity.

Day 1:

It was the opening of the fair and basically setting up was the order of the day.

We took our time to set up our two booths to display our array of bespoke solutions. As soon as we did this, we started to witness traffic from individuals and organizations who came to enquire about Concept Nova and all that we have to offer.

Day 2:

This was a more eventful day because we had more potential customers (Individuals and Organizations) visit our stands and we got on to business immediately.

Day 3:

Incredible things went down on this day.

It was the official grand opening ceremony of the fair and on our own end, we had a live demonstration of one of our improved products, C-Protect with the alarm which drew a lot of people and positive feedbacks from individuals present at the fair.

Many attendees admitted that the C-Protect was the first of its kind they had seen.

Day 4:

On this day, there was an influx of customers showing interests in our products. Some had seen and heard the testimonies on social media within 3 days, and had to come see the magic for themselves.

All these were accompanied by positive feedbacks.

Day 5:

This day started and ended a very busy one for us.

We had a high influx of customers with many demanding an immediate installation of their solutions which were swiftly done by our group of installers.

Day 7:

This marked the end of the fair. We had to pack up our stands but still made some sales to customers too. By 2 pm, the fair had come to a close and everyone departed the venue.

All in all, the Lagos Motor Fair 2017 was a positive and successful event, with a large number of people added to our customer base and huge sales. We can’t wait for next year’s show because it would be grander than this!

Find below pictures of the event:

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