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As a country that is largely dependent on alternative sources of power generation (majorly generator), due to epileptic power, any glitch with the supply of petrol goes a long way to affect many Nigerians, their businesses and the transport system in general. Another episode of Fuel Scarcity began earlier in the month and as expected long queues started emerging left, right and center, black marketers began to have a field day and transportation fares skyrocketed.


In the midst of all these it is only fair that you effectively scrutinize and monitor the exact rate of fuel usage in both mobile and stationary tanks most especially if you are not physically present. Even when you are the one in charge of the vehicle, it is advisable to take adequate measures to manage and conserve fuel in order to spend less this period.

With these 5 tips you can effectively do that:

  1. Make fewer trips: Driving a car that has been parked for a few hours consumes more fuel for the first five miles as the engine has become cold. So, instead of going out on separate occasions, it is ideal to try as much as possible to combine all daily errands into one big trip.

2. Avoid carrying unnecessary weight: Just like your body, your car needs more fuel to move around more weight. Vehicles get better mileage when they’re not loaded with unnecessary weight. Every 200 lbs. of additional weight trims one mile off fuel efficiency. The heavier the item, the greater the effect it will have on your fuel consumption.

3. Turn the air-conditioning off: It’s tempting to leave the car air-condition on especially with the heat going on nowadays. However, this coolness doesn’t come without a price because it uses quite a bit of fuel as using the air conditioner increases fuel cost from 13% up to 21%. So if you are working at conserving your fuel, winding down your car glass sometimes wouldn’t be a bad idea.

4. Don’t Drive Aggressively: One perfect way to conserve fuel is by traveling at a constant speed. Avoid aggressive driving and aggressive starting of your vehicle because the vehicle loses fuel economy at a high speed – above 55 mph. Driving 65 instead of 75 mph reduces fuel cost 13% while driving 55 would save 25%. So if you’re a patient driver, you’ll have lower fuel bills – it’s as simple as that really.

5. Encourage Carpooling: Carpooling helps to conserve fuel and also limits the number of vehicles on the road. Sharing a ride to work with a friend or two effectively doubles your fuel economy and allows you to use the money for other things.


In addition to all of these, acquiring an efficient fuel management system is an overall tool for monitoring your fuel consumption. Concept Nova’s FUEL MANAGER is a top notch integrated remote monitoring solution that allows you detect the exact rate of fuel usage in Cars, Buses, Vans, Trucks, Construction machines, Air and sea vehicles, Diesel generators tanks etc.

It saves individuals and companies money and prevents theft; it increases fuel optimization and overall productivity and also improves fuel efficiency while reducing operational and maintenance costs.

For more information, please visit www.concept-nova.com/Fuel-Manager or call 07026333742, 07046180256.


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