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Fuel Scarcity has become a normal occurrence in this part of the world. Hardly does six months go by without this terrible menace rearing its ugly head. The latest episode started on Monday, February 9, as long queues emerged at filling stations with black marketers taking over selling at over NGN200 per litre.


Whenever this scarcity occurs, it bites hard on everyone, from car owners, generator owners, cold room operators, as well as virtually every business that runs on PMS as they have to curb fuel usage and possibly shorten operation time. Having to endure endless traffic caused by fuel queues, exorbitant hike in transport fares and increase in the price of essential commodities among others are other issues that come with fuel scarcity.

No doubt, this is really a tough time, but with these 4 Tips you can curb excess fuel usage and still save some money;

  1.   Pre-Plan your movement: With the sharp increase in transport fares, it is only wise for car owners and non-car owners to plan their movement in an organised manner. Strategically look at places you’re looking to visit and if on different days they ply the same route, simply rearrange these routes to conform the same locations. This will inevitably save you money as well as fuel if driving.  

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  1.  Set out early: It is general knowledge that early morning traffic, especially in Lagos is usually lighter than other times during the day. So, it is advisable to always set out early before the rush hour begins and traffic builds up. This option helps car owners conserve fuel.

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  1.   Leave your car at home if you have to: Not only is queuing up at the filling station a waste of time, it can also get very frustrating. For those unable to bear this stress, it is best to leave the car parked at home while you find alternative ways to go about your daily business.  Likewise, if your office/shop is close to your house, you could take a short walk there rather than burn fuel or money on transport fare.
  1. Monitor your fuel: it is important to find ways to effectively monitor your fuel usage so as   not to get ripped off. There are lots of measures one can take to do this, but the easiest is using a fuel management solution.

Concept Nova’s fuel management solution, the Fuel Manager is an ideal solution that helps you know how much fuel goes in and out of your car daily just at the click of an internet enabled device. It improves productivity, saves you and your company money and protects you against theft while reducing operational and maintenance costs.

For more information, please visit www.concept-nova.com/Fuel-Manager or call 07026333742, 07046180256.


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