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Dear Concept Nova,


Ever since the price of Petrol skyrocketed, I have been spending so much on Fuel for my car and Generator and it’s becoming alarming. My question is how do I monitor my fuel usage with your  FUEL MANAGER?


Thanks for your question. We also have a lot of people who share your concern because majority need petrol either for cars, generators or functioning of businesses. These times sure call for conservative and judicious use of your fuel. Below are ways to regularize how much you spend on using the FUEL MANAGER.


For your cars: Asides going to the office, your place of business, school etc; any other commute you think is unnecessary is just that. Ditch It! If it is necessary to go with the car, the FUEL MANAGER helps you keep tab on your fuel usage  and gives you real-time alerts of any excessive drop in fuel level. For those who leave their vehicles in the care of drivers or others, this solution keeps you abreast of everything that happens with your fuel.



For your generators: Some can afford to go some days without running their generators, but those in businesses such as Frozen foods, IT etc cannot do that and have to keep buying fuel on a daily/weekly basis. With the FUEL MANAGER, you can put on your generating set all day and get the detailed analysis even when you are out  with a click of your internet enabled device.


For your stationary tanks: Some businesses require a constant supply of power to function effectively and this might mean getting a reservoir tank. If your business falls in this category, then the FUEL MANAGER is the best solution for you. Now there’s no need to worry about workers stealing from the tank.


Concept Nova’s fuel management solution, the Fuel Manager is an ideal solution that helps you know how much fuel goes in and out of your car daily just at the click of an internet enabled device.


It improves productivity, saves you, your household, and your company money and protects you against theft while reducing operational and maintenance costs.


For more information, please visit www.concept-nova.com/Fuel-Manager or call 08150880054.


What has your experience been like and how have you been coping? Kindly drop comments in the box below.


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