Fuel Monitoring Solutions For Your SME

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Starting a business in Nigeria is an extremely difficult undertaking which can be compounded by all of the extra things which you have to take into account, including finding trustworthy staff, covering all the logistics, sales and advertising, and other major issues.

Electricity is arguably the biggest issue because we do not have steady electricity in the country yet. As such, a lot of people rely on generators to power their businesses, big or small.

Fuel features heavily into most companies’ running costs, and as a result, fuel management is a big part of most Small and Medium Enterprises. It is thus extremely important to make sure that your fuel is being used properly.

If you have one of Concept Nova’s Fuel Monitoring Solutions, there will be no need to wonder if your staff is stealing your fuel and using or selling it elsewhere, or if the generator is being used when it shouldn’t be.

You will be notified of every single detail about your fuel tanks. You will be alerted to sudden fuel drops, when the generator is turned on or off, amongst other things.

Useful for both mobile and stationary tanks, and easily accessible from your mobile phone or any internet connected device, our Fuel Monitoring Solution is an integrated remote monitoring solution that enables you to find out the exact rate of fuel usage in all your tanks.

Features Of The Fuel Monitoring Solutions:

  • User-Friendly monitoring platform
  • Access to detailed reports
  • Sudden fuel level drop notification
  • Monitoring fuel purchase and consumption
  • Real-time reports viewable from internet-enabled devices
  • Generator status report (ON/OFF notification)


  • Protect against theft/pilfering
  • Protect against leakages
  • Protect against fraud
  • Increases fuel optimization and overall productivity
  • Safeguarding of assets
  • Save organization against unforeseeable mishaps and asset malfunctions
  • Improvement in fuel efficiency and reduction in fuel cost.
  • Reduction in operational and maintenance costs

If you’re interested in one of Concept Nova’s Fuel Monitoring solutions for your SME, send an email to info@conceptnova.com.

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