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The bane of any fleet manager is how to manage the menace of haulage theft; and with many companies losing tons of money to this act  weekly, it has become necessary to find a lasting solution. Thankfully, with the aid of modern day technology, fleet managers now have ways to effectively monitor the quantity and movement of large scale goods from one place to another, reducing the incidences of theft.


The following tips would help fleet managers manage the movement of goods, curb illegal haulage, improve productivity and ultimately increase profit margin.



  1. Focus on vehicle maintenance: Keeping those fleets in top condition should already be topmost priority of all fleet managers. It is very important that drivers treat the fleet with the same respect as they would their own. That way, incidences of early “wear-and-tear” would be minimal, Which translates to lesser cost for repairs. The drivers should also be given adequate training on terms of usage of the vehicles and basic maintenance.


2.Take regular vehicle inspection reports: Keeping track of vehicle condition helps in two ways. It gives the fleet manager a strong audit trail which helps protect the company in the case of disputes and also helps bring up potential issues in the vehicles before they turn into bigger problems. Involving employees in the process aids them in understanding their responsibilities as regards maintenance.


fuel 3. Lower Fuel costs: Operating a successful and cost effective fleet in today’s economic climate requires you to be on top of your spending and identifying areas of waste so as to implement cost saving initiatives. Since Fuel is often the second largest variable expense (after depreciation) faced by fleet managers, it is important to find ways of cutting down fuel cost. This can be done by getting fuel-efficient technologies such as fuel cards, vehicle weight reductions and also educating drivers on the acceptable speed limits.



telematics64. Get a centralized fleet management system: How many miles per gallon can a fleet consume? How can this be compared to the sales  it actually posts? How long is spent idling and how much cost does this equate to? How does your driver behave while on wheels? How often does he divert goods?  Answering all these questions might be a bit tasking and time consuming for a fleet manager to do on his own, so it’s advisable to go the easy way by investing in an effective and centralized fleet management system which allows for easy monitoring of the fleet from anywhere.


Concept Nova’s C-Cargo is an ideal fleet management tool that gives you real time information on optimal load bearing capacity of vehicle, Drivers’ behaviour, loading/ unloading events, helping you to curb illegal haulage of commodity outside the required items while improving productivity.


Whether your trucks are in motion, stationary, undergoing loading or unloading events, the device accurately measures and provides the necessary information the fleet manager needs in order to keep track of all the company’s fleet. It is very useful for Logistics, Construction, Agriculture/Food, FMCGs and Haulage industries to stay ahead of haulage theft/fraud while increasing productivity and profit.


For more information on this top notch fleet management solution, log on to www.concept-nova.com/Load-Sensors  


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