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Ensure Household Safety With C-Protect

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If you live in a household with small children, chances are you’ve childproofed most surfaces in your house to ensure your kids’ safety.

The glass surfaces in your house shouldn’t be an exception; glass windows, doors and tables pose a threat to the people in any household if they are broken. The glass shards resulting from breakage could seriously injure the members of your household.

However, with C-Protect installed on all the glass surfaces of your home, you can keep the members of your household safe from glass shatter related accidents.

What is C-Protect?

C-Protect is Concept Nova’s shatterproof innovation for all your glass windows and surfaces.

It is a nearly impenetrable invisible film which when installed on any glass surface keeps the glass particles together.

When installed, it improves the structural integrity of the glass, thus making it harder to break in the event of an accident or vandalism.

If the glass does break, C-Protect keeps the glass particles together preventing the glass shards from going everywhere.

What household surfaces can you use it on

C-Protect can be applied to every glass surface in your house, including but not limited to:

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Tables

Benefits of C-Protect

When your household is C-protected, you eliminate the possibility of injuries due to accidents involving glass.

  • Safety for your small children
  • Access to vandals or burglars is denied when C-Protect is installed on household doors and windows
  • C-Protect is a completely clear glass film, so once it is applied by our expert installers, it won’t change the appearance of your beautiful household furniture and fittings.

What are you waiting for? Ensure the safety of you and your household by installing C-protect on all glass surfaces today.

Whatsapp: 09055608608 or email info@concept-nova.com for enquiries and orders.


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