Ti-Kon 2.0


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Nigeria’s fast growing indigenous IT Solutions Company, Concept Nova has re-launched its innovative car tracking device Ti-Kon 2.0, this state of the art tracking solution designed to meet the security needs of individuals +and organizations.


Ti- Kon 2.0, an upgrade of the basic Ti-Kon Tracker is a self-service car monitoring device that uses GPS as well as GSM technology to monitor the location and routes of owners’ vehicles at all times and can be viewed from any internet enabled device.


Ti-Kon 2.0
Ti-Kon 2.0

For better user experience, Ti-Kon 2.0 comes with new features such as the Listen In which allows users hear everything going on in their vehicle with just a phone call and the SOS Panic buttons created for use during emergencies.




In addition, it helps save cost and improve on productivity, reduce careless handling, optimize routes while securing yourself and family members against theft and unforeseeable occurrence.  It also reduces the chances of vehicle theft via the unique features of geo fencing and immobilization (Fuel Cut), giving you better control over your asset.


It is for everyone who values the safety of their lives and cars and desire to effectively monitor every activity going on in their vehicle especially when in the use of a third party.


To access vehicle information and activities on the go whether in the workplace, at home or anywhere else, users can download the NOVATRAK 2.0 App available on Google Play Store.

Ti-Kon 2.0 can be gotten online at www.concept-nova.com/shop or from our franchise dealers all over the country. For more information, call 08150880054 or send a mail to info@concept-nova.com


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