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Haulage theft, vehicle/goods interception and high maintenance cost (fueling and repairs) are the major challenges faced by many logistic and manufacturing companies and their operating/fleet managers.
These companies have to move huge volumes of items including; industrial raw materials, farm produce, refined petroleum products, heavy and light equipment, vehicles and consumer goods valued at billions of Naira from one place to another.


In some cases, they have to move these materials/goods late into the night which is not only risky, but also difficult to monitor, as the manager may find it difficult to keep track of all the vehicles, their content and drivers all by himself.
Perhaps, it is in view of this that the Federal Government has disclosed its plans to install trackers on all trucks to monitor criminal diversion of petroleum products right from the points of distribution.
With Concept Nova’s FleeTrak, an integrated solution for real time tracking and management of both on-road and off-road assets, the Fleet Manager’s job just got easier as he can now easily track all his fleet activities from any location, whilst curbing theft and boosting productivity.
Fitted with combination of various top notch GPS technology systems, the FleeTrak Monitor easily identifies, locates and maintains contact reports with one or more fleet vehicles at all times. Asides’ working for easy identification, authentication, protection and crime control, this system is also a quicker and easier means of reporting vehicle theft and other crimes.


It is fashioned to suit fleets of varying sizes and types – from trucks to light commercial vehicles and others. So whatever the size of your fleet, FleeTrak can handle it.
The FleeTrak Monitor does these and so much more:
1. Pin-points exact location of asset and drivers
2. Monitors driver’s driving pattern by providing notification in the case of over speeding, reckless driving, harsh     braking, harsh cornering.
3.Provides safety and peace of mind in the event of threat to the vehicle (hijack/theft)
4.Monitors vehicle status such as ignition, fuel consumption, and seatbelt status.
5. Improves Productivity

FleeTrak Monitor is available to all individuals who purchase any of Concept Nova’s tracking solution options, it comes with access to our prompt customer service, 24/7 monitoring and our recovery team. Our technical support team will work with you, providing you with necessary health checks to ensure adequate monitoring of your fleet.

See video demo HERE

Any questions, experience or clarifications, kindly share with us in the comment box below. You can also log on to www.concept-nova.com/FLEETRAK , call 07026333742, 08150880054 or send a mail to info@concept-nova.com
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