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Banji returned home after a hard day’s work, reflecting on how to move to a safer neighbourhood once he got that raise as promised by his boss. Several hours later,  he was snoozing in his room when he got a call from his neighbour, alerting him of a stranger trying to break into his car glass.


He called the police immediately and while waiting for them , he snuck into the sitting room, peeping through the window to see what was happening. There it was! A hooded stranger was hitting his car window frantically, trying to get in.


Few minutes later, as the hooded stranger was still battling with the glass that refused to give way, the police emerged; and on realizing he was at the verge of being caught, the robber panicked and ran off. Banji inspected his vehicle and was surprised to find that everything was intact, except a slight crack to his window.


With a sigh of relief, he recalled the smart decision to purchase and install Concept Nova’s C-Protect Glass Protective Film that very afternoon. “What would have happened if i had waited a day more?”he asked himself…. Well, we all know the answer to that!


C-protect anti-glass break film is the ideal solution that provides your vehicle that much needed extra security whether in motion or parked in any environment. Upon installation on the places you need protected, including car window glasses and vents, C-Protect reduces the ease of robbery by over 80% as it is nearly impossible to break the glass upon several hits. Check out our video demonstration here


In the eventuality of a glass break, C-Protect holds all glass shards together denying entry to a potential thief and protecting occupants from injuries that could arise from the shards.


To purchase, install or for any information, contact us on 08150880054, visit www.concept-nova/C-Protect  or send an email to

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