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Last Saturday, my uncle, a Medical Doctor got a call from the hospital about a patient experiencing a terrible seizure needing urgent attention. I was not particularly happy because he was about to miss the football match we had planned to watch in less than 30 minutes since we had a bet.


I was sure my team was going to win this and was about to make N10, 000 cool cash from him. This became the least of our worries when I heard my uncle shouting at the estate’s security guard. I ran out and saw that his car window had been smashed and the brainbox, radio, side mirrors and window controls were all gone! Wondering what happened to the security guard? Well, that’s story for another day.


With the Christmas celebrations fast approaching, this is the time to stay ahead of hooligans that may be lurking around waiting for the right time to strike.


The C-Protect Glass Protective Film from Concept Nova, Nigeria’s Leading IT Solutions Firm is your best bet to Vehicular Security this season. Our premium anti-glass break solution helps to safeguard cars and other valuables whether on the road, in public places or even while parked.


Once installed on glass surfaces you need protected eg. window glasses and vents, C-Protect reduces the ease of robbery to the barest minimum as it is nearly impossible to break the car glass upon multiple hits. Even in the event of a glass break, it holds all glass pieces together denying entry to a potential thief.


Celebrate the holidays in good cheers by securing your vehicle against theft!


For more information, visit www.concept.nova/C-Protect , send a mail to info@concept-nova.com or call 08150880054

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