Maximize Profits With Concept Nova’s Fuel Manager

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The reality of running a successful business operation in Nigeria involves factoring in alternative sources of power like a large backup generator.

This can take a lot of money to install and manage, even more so, when staff start to mismanage the generator and the fuel used to run it.

This can be prevented by getting Concept Nova’s Fuel Manager for your business.

The Fuel Management Solution is an integrated remote monitoring solution that allows you to detect the exact rate of fuel usage in both mobile and stationary tanks.

Concept Nova’s Fuel Manager gives the fleet manager and generator owner detailed analysis of fuel usage, any excessive drop in fuel level.

At the touch of a button, it gives you total control over fuel storage, accessible from your internet-enabled device. (at home, or on the move.)

Over time, theft and the little extra costs caused by mismanagement of fuel can slowly reduce profit and eventually wreck your business.

Have all your bases covered and ensure your business’ success by installing concept Nova’s Fuel Management Solution today.

fuel management

Features of The Fuel Manager

  • User-Friendly monitoring platform
  • Access to detailed reports
  • Sudden fuel level drop notification
  • Monitoring fuel purchase and consumption
  • Real-time reports viewable from internet-enabled devices
  • Generator status report (ON/OFF notification)

Benefits of Having The Fuel Manager

  • Protection against theft/pilfering
  • Protection against leakages
  • Protection against fraud
  • Increase in fuel optimization and overall productivity
  • Safeguarding of assets
  • The organization will be safe from unforeseen mishaps and asset malfunctions
  • Improvement in fuel efficiency and reduction in fuel cost.
  • Reduction in operational and maintenance costs

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