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It was just a regular Owambe Saturday, and Chidi an investment banker headed to his friend’s wedding. Being that the “Ember months” is usually a peak period for his organization, he decided that he was going to stop by at the office to work for a few hours after leaving the party.


A few hours after the wedding reception began, he bade his friends goodbye. They asked why he was leaving when the party was just beginning but then, “A man has to work to eat” he told them.


Since the parking lot was filled up earlier, he had to park at the other side of the Events Center. On getting to his car, Chidi was slammed with a shocker. His side windows had been smashed and his Laptop and Ipad which had been carefully hidden under the seat had disappeared.


Christmas is fast approaching and hoodlums are on the increase so there is no better time to take adequate precautions than now!


With the C-Protect Glass Protective Film from Concept Nova, you have a better chance of safeguarding yourself, vehicle and other items while on the road, in public places or even when parked as you go about your activities these Ember Months.


Once installed on glass surfaces like window glasses and vents, C-Protect stands as a strong defense against Vehicle smashing and robbery as it is nearly impossible to break the car glass upon multiple hits. And in the eventuality of a glass break, it holds all glass shards together denying entry to a potential thief and protecting occupant from injuries.


For more information, visit www.concept.nova/C-Protect , send a mail to or call 08150880054



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