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C-Protect, from Nigeria’s Indigenous IT Solutions Company, Concept Nova, was created for individuals and organizations to provide the much needed added security to lives, personal and public possessions while on the roads and at home.


This anti-glass break solution is an invisible coat of film installed on car side glasses and other glass surfaces to prevent the glass from shattering in an event of accidental glass break, theft or vandalism. It reduces robbery by 80% as it is nearly impossible to break the glass upon various hits.


What is C-Protect?

C-Protect is Concept Nova’s unique solution to prevent accidents and incidents that may result from glass break or shattering. It is made up of a tough transparent adhesive film and an alarm system.


Is C-Protect’s film bulletproof?

No, not this version.


Where can I get C-Protect?

C-Protect can be gotten from our online shop, our office or from any of our distributors nationwide.


Is C-Protect self-installable?

Yes, with simple Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tools and the manual, you or a tint installer can install C-Protect film on your car.


Does my windscreen need C-Protect?

Gratefully, no!  Windscreens are made to be tamper-proof and thus, do not need C-Protect.    


Is C-Protect for cars alone?

Of course not! C-Protect film can be used on any glass. As a matter of fact, we recommend C-Protect film to be used on accident-prone glasses like windows, doors and partitions.


How long do I need to leave C-Protect to cure?

Curing time for C-Protect film is at least 3 weeks. The longer the time the more adhesive it is to the glass and the more difficult it is to break or shatter.


How is C-Protect’s film installed?

Like tinting films! See a video sample HERE


Do C-Protect films come in tinted versions?

Not yet. We know you want it and we are working to meet that demand.


Can I be a distributor?

Yes you can. You are welcome to be our broker or franchise partner. So you can earn while you refer or earn while you share.


For more information,visit www.concept-nova/CPROTECT , send a mail to  info@concept-nova.com  or call 08150880054


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