Secure Your Vehicle Against Theft With Tikon2.0

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A number of tweets by a distraught woman made the rounds last week. Her Uber Driver had absconded with her vehicle. She pleaded for people to help retweet so that the general public could keep an eye out for the thieving driver and her vehicle could be found faster.




This is not the first of such stories I’ve seen on social media. Most people like the idea of  using their car as an Uber in order to make some extra money, but they are either not ready to have their cars insured against theft, or can’t afford to. Uber Nigeria supposedly has a vetting process for their drivers, but there are hundreds drivers to be vetted, and their process cannot be all that sound if drivers keep absconding with owners’ vehicles.

All of this is an argument for the extra security which Tikon 2.0 offers. That lady found her vehicle a few days later, so there is no disputing the power of social media, but things could just have easily gone the other way. With Tikon 2.0, her vehicle could have been tracked and recovered within a matter of hours, even with the driver’s phone turned off.

Tikon 2.0 is Concept Nova’s answer to your personal vehicle tracking needs. If your car is usually in the care of a third party, like a driver, Tikon 2.0 is the best way to be sure that your vehicle is not being misused in any way. It is very easily operated from your smartphone or any internet connected device and offers a lot of innovative features like the listen-in which enables you to tune in from your mobile device and hear what is going on in your vehicle at any point in time.

Its main features include:

  • Current Location
  • Immobilization
  • Geo-fence Status and Alert
  • Listen In
  • Panic (SOS) Button
  • Web Access for Easy Monitoring
  • Mobile App Monitoring Access


  • It alerts you to [potential] misuse
  • It helps you optimize routes
  • It secures against theft
  • It helps to save cost and improve productivity
  • It helps you track your car in the unlikely event of theft
  • It reduces maintenance costs
  • It saves man-hours

Call +2348150880054 to ask about getting Concept Nova’s Tikon 2.0 for your vehicle today.

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