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Every day, organizations dealing in telecoms, manufacturing, agriculture, Oil and gas, FMCGs amongst others, move huge volumes of items including; industrial raw materials, farm produce, refined petroleum products, heavy and light equipment, vehicles and consumer goods etc …valued at billions of Naira.


In many organizations, there is a Fleet Manager responsible for overseeing the movement of these goods either to the manufacturers or the end users. It is therefore his duty to make sure that these merchandise arrive at their specified destinations intact and well accounted for.


This becomes harder to do when the number of fleets begins to increase drastically as the fleet manager finds it more difficult to keep track of the vehicles, their content and drivers by all by himself at once, resulting to an increase in cases of theft, goods diversion and other discrepancies.


As a fleet manager, imagine a scenario where you can effectively track and monitor the movement of all your organization’s vehicles from the comfort of your office or home via a click on your internet enabled device. Interesting right? FleeTrak Monitor from Concept Nova can do this and so much more for every fleet manager/organization.


  • Increases Productivity, accountability and profitability: With the FleeTrak Monitor the fleet manager worries less about hands on monitoring of these various fleets and gets the time to focus more on other projects. With better knowledge of his vehicles’ where about, he effectively estimates arrival/delivery time and also guide the driver while he/she navigates through unfamiliar routes. All these amount to increased productivity for the company in the short and long run.


  • Improves Driver Behaviour :  The FleeTrak monitoring device gives you total control of your asset and those in possession of it. With an alarm system that sends alerts to fleet managers when certain rules defined by the manager are broken, e.g. reckless driving, over speeding, etc. this device improves responsibility on the drivers’ part. It also saves you a lot on maintenance, fuel and repairs.


  • Real Time Monitoring:  With our premium devices, you know at any point in time the current state of your vehicle. You can also access your vehicle’s location instantly at all times, from your mobile device or personal computer, online.
  • Provides Security for your fleet: Nothing beats that feeling of knowing that your vehicle, goods and drivers are quite safe. With the FleeTrak Monitor, the fleet manager can easily account for all of these at every step of the way and can also raise alarm in case of any emergency.




The FleeTrak is every Fleet Manager’s best friend, why not get yours today? For more information, kindly log on to www.concept-nova.com/FleeTrak


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